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 Fix Webmail Unable to Receive Mail from Outside
When you want to upload the back-up files of your website using or without database to the cpanel for any reason about your website. It could be the cause of the webmail that can be sending mail but unable receive mail from outside. Have you found the problem like this ? The problem is occur since you upload the back-up files site can be also changes the system of the cpanel that effect to your website, no exception is effect to the webmail system.

If it is happened, it's to dangerous if you don't know this situation, this cold be a big problem to your business that usually using administration online that very important to you, even the most important then other interests for you. What would happens if you have webmail just can be used to send mail but unable receive the incoming emails or reply for the sake that very important. Surely this can not be underestimated, it can be a big problem for your business, because you lost the information about your business, take care about it!

I started from the experience, the chronological problems why is it occur. First, I have made any changes by insert script plugin on my joomla site until I have the crutial problem on my joomla site. What is going to be the solution for me is to restore the system and joomla website database. After I did it on my joomla website, it could be succeed to restore the system website as well, perfectly like before. Then what happened that i have found is the problem of  the webmail account about send and receive mail.

I have resetted my webmail system as the result the webmail can be used again to send mail as usual and delivered. But what is happened, I have not received the mail incoming on the inbox, a long i have not received any mail. then I was tested using another gmail account to my webmail, the result is can not delivered from gmail to the webmail. whereas I was waiting for long time a mail. I have never found the answer on the webmail.

After i was looking for around  and I have got any suggestion here,

1. Quota capacity was full with email on your webmail, the solution is to delete the email that was not necessary again.

2. Do not use google apps wizard on your cpanel, if you do not know about it and consequences. If you use this facility just delete them.

3. It would be a last thing is delete the mail address on the webmail account, through the cpanel of the webmail Account, delete it and re-create a new account and password.

In this case this is not relevant for my problem, what is really happened, there are no idea that competent for my problem.

Well, what have i done is to back-up my website and database by using backup wizard. After that i was delete all data files on the cpanel. And just have the webmail on the cpanel without the website and all data files. Then I inserted the facility Forwarders on the cpanel.
You can try yourself about this problem of yours, then need to create the new account with the same address that you have deleted before. After that test again by sending mail from others to the new webmail account with the same address. As the result I can received an mail from email account such a gmail. The conclusions is restoring system website can be a conflict to your webmail, if it is happened you need to adjust your webmail.

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