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Adsense Inline Ads Between Blog Posts Summary

As the publisher placing an ads in the optimal position is going to be one of determining the final revenue of your ads. Although you might have quality content if the ads is placed in a bad position away from the view of the reader is very unfortunately. In this case the ads placement that oriented with the content has a greater chance compared with the ads is placed in footer, it's not useful. But in general it depends on your template design.

On this time I will explain the ads placement by default blogger that would be very significant a long as my experience. Adsense Inline Ads between post is basically placing ads below the first post. If you have a number of posts that you have defined before, as well as on the labels and pagers, Adsense Inline Ads between post allows you to adjust the format and repetition the ads that appear between posts summary.

If you sign up adsense through blogger you will see Adsense Inline Ads Between Post which you can adjust later. Ok, let's get started by Going to the dashboard and then click earnings on the menu. If you've received by google adsense, will appear as shown below. Activate show ads on blog, then select display ads below my post, and the last press save settings.
Then we are going to the display of blog. There will be appear one ads unit by default, between posts summary on the main page, as well as contained in the label and the pager that consisting with some posts summary. Adsense Inline Ads Between Blog very well displayed on readmore summary of your posts.

Suppose that i want the ads unit that appears on the main page as much as 2 units, I have to consider the number of posts that displayed on the main page. Ads units will appear between some posts with a period count of the number of posts that appear.

Still on the dashboard, click on layout menu, then click edit on the blog posts layout as shown like the left picture below. Configure blog posts will appear, where any part of configure inline ads, you can make adjustment Adsense Inline Ads Between Blog Posts here.

For example, the number of posts on the main page are 6 posts on every pages, then I select the show after every 3 posts. Ads that will appear are 2 units, after the first post and post count of 2,3,4. the second ads that will appear below the fourth post. Because i have 6 posts on the main page, so the unit ads that that will appear no more than 2 units. let's See the picture on the very top.

Another events of Adsense Inline Ads Between Blog Posts, how many number of ads units that will display on the main page, when we click on one the post in full view of the display the particular post, ads that appear only one unit at the bottom of blog post. Actually i like this one ads unit appear above comments, but it doesn't matter. if you want to display ads unit in the middle of the post paragraph, i will discuss on the next article. For more clearly about Adsense Inline Ads Between Blog Posts, let's see the above article video!

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  1. thanks for video and post explanation. But Howcome we can show ads between/Inside a blog post. I can right now see a google adsense ad at the bottom on your blog and one another advt in between your blog. can you please let me know how did you do it?

    1. That is Adsense Ads Between Paragraph come from single asynchronous ads code. Have you read this article

  2. If you are looking for a reputable contextual ad network, I recommend that you take a look at PropellerAds.


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